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Configuring GoDaddy to point your domain to our servers

  • Login to GoDaddy
  • Click My Products to see a list of your purchased domains
  • Select DNS next to the domain you wish to point to WP Engine and open the DNS page within GoDaddy.

  • Locate the A record for your Apex domain
    • The name will be @
    • Or, the name field will show your domain
  • Click the pencil icon to the far right of this record to edit

Configure your domain

  • Locate the field Points to
  • Update this field to the  A Record value we give you.
  • Click Save

Point your domain to our servers

  • Review the list of records again, locate the Name column and identify the row for www. This row will look like one of the two following 2 options:
    1. If the www record is a CNAME record type, no further changes are needed. It will look like this:

configuring domain easy instructions

2. If the www record is an A record type and looks like this:

domain registrar

  • Delete the single existing www record
  • Click the button to Add
  • Change the dropdown for type to CNAME
  • In the Host field enter: www
  • In the Point to field enter: @
  • Click Save