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  • Automated Push Notifications: When a news item is created on your website, a push notification can automatically be sent. Once setup you don’t have to do anything to send out a push other than to create news items on your website.
  • RSS Feeds: We can connect Automated Push Notifications to virtually any Blog, News or RSS feed. If you aren’t sure if your website or another site you want to use has an RSS feed, contact us and we will assist.
  • Benefits: Push notifications drive traffic to the website by alerting your community that a news item has been created and can be viewed by selecting the notification.
  • Setup:  Contact our support email or call 888-930-8733 for assistance in setting up.
  • WordPress Sync: When a news item is created in WordPress and Automated Push Notifications are set up, a push will go out, but may experience up to a 30 minute delay as our server syncs with the WordPress server.