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push1 and push2b

  • Select the Engage icon at the bottom left from the BlueTreeApps
  • CMS.The top selection is Push Notifications.
  • If needed, use the “URL to Open” field to link the push notification to a web page. When the push notification is opened or selected, the App’s web browser will open the web page URL.
  • Enter your push notification message in the “Message” box
  • The Maximum message length is 100 characters (Note: Apple has increased this limit in iOS versions 8.0 and later. In the near future, we will increase this character limit size)
  • Your app will automatically archive notifications for 7 days.
  • Automated Push Notifications: When a news item is created on your website, a push notification can automatically be sent. Contact our support email or call 888-930-8733 for assistance.