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mobile apps for schools editing staff

  • The People module is used for Staff or Faculty.
  • The staff list is sorted alphabetically but can be changed at the top by selected Sort. Do not select the Trash icon at the top. That will remove the entire list.
  • To add a faculty member, select the blue “Add Item” icon.
  • To edit the faculty member, select the “Pencil” icon to the right of the person’s name. Delete a staff member by selected the trash icon next to their name.
  • Sections can optionally group the faculty members.
  • When necessary. we use the “Import” button to import a new staff list every year.
  • When adding a staff member, the “First Name” is a required field and when sorting by name is selected, the app will sort by this field
  • Since staff are often known by their last name, we often put the last name followed by a comma in the “First Name” field, as the app sorts by this field.
  • “Last Name”: we often put the first name of the person here.
  • Title is used for the staff title or grade.
  • Biography is used for any information about a staff member. Sometimes we add the phone extension here.
  • Where available, we used staff photos and where not available we used your logo for the staff images, but this can be easily changed.
  • Phone, Email, LinkedIn, Twitter and website link are all available fields. The website link is often used for teacher pages.
  • Remember to click Save at the bottom.