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  • Firstly, convert your file to a PDF if it is not already.
  • Upload your file to your website, or Google Drive (share it), or to a cloud media storage we provide you (See documentation PDF for login)
  • Copy the public file URL which is the location of the file on the web that the app will link to.
  • Login to the BlueTreeApps CMS and select the content icon.
  • Select “Website” from the left submenu and select the link (document) you are updating.
  • Paste the URL into the space provided on the right and click save or hit enter on your keypad.
  • Remember to click the yellow “Republish” button in the top right corner.
  • If it is a new document link you wish to include in the app contact BlueTreeApps via our support email address and we will assit you.
  • Common Uses:
    • Parent handbooks,
    • Policies
    • Newsletters
    • Lunch menu
    • Yearly school calendar
    • Dress codes
    • School supplies