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  • A smartphone with a data plan running Android or iOS is required to download a native version of the app.
  • The app will run on tablets as well, but will be optimized (image size) for the phones.


  • Apple iOS – we support iOS version 6.0 or higher although support for 6.0 will likely be phased out soon.
  • Android – we support version 4.0 or higher (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • Apple and Android combined have about 95% of the smartphone market according to a recent comScore report.

HTML 5 version of App

  • If needed, Windows and Blackberry users can access the information in the app via an optional HTML5 version we can create for you.
  • The HTML5 version of the app will not receive push notifications though, but will show the push notification history as well as other features in the app.
  • Extra setup fees and time will apply