School Apps build community learn how with BlueTreeApps

School Apps build community

Yes, your school needs an app! School Apps build community.  It’s not a ‘nice to have‘ tool, rather it is a ‘must need’ tool to effectively communicate with parents, faculty and students. BlueTreeApps creates School Apps for schools with a focus on effective communication. BlueTreeApps custom designs an app with your school in mind.

With a school app from BlueTreeApps, you can build community, keep parents informed and communicate effectively with push notifications, news, and calendars.

Push notifications engage and inform parents. Increase attendance at school events. Parents are busy with work schedules and sometimes need reminders for about school happenings. A push notification is the perfect tool to inform parents of all the happenings at your school.

BlueTreeApps integrates with many website calendars including Google Calendar. Update your website calendar normally, and BlueTreeApps can pull into the app the updates and changes to your calendar automatically. You only have to update the calendar once, and our calendar integration does the rest. Having your event calendar display and automatically update on your parents phone, keeps parents engaged and informed.

School App push notifications not only include your message but will appear with your logo. BlueTreeApp push notifications are not character limited. They can link to PDFs, webpages, or your newsletter for more information.

Need more volunteers for events? Send a push notification from BlueTreeApps and link the notification to a volunteer sign up form. You can crate a form or use a service like SignUp Genius..BlueTreeApps can link to any form.School Apps build community and drives volunteer participation.

In conclusion, we provide unlimited functionality – notifications, news, calendar, directories, photos, videos, donations, lunch menu, link to student and parent portals, sports and clubs, and absence and volunteer forms. You name it, School Apps build community.

Plus, proactively communicating with parents can reduce calls to the office by 40%.

Here are some of our School Apps Features:

  • Easy Setup
  • Cost Effective
  • Maintenance Free
  • Integration
  • Customized
  • Built for Schools

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