School Notifications. The Benefits of Push Notifications

School Notifications

School notifications help you to stay connected with your parents in a non-intrusive way.

Here are some of the biggest uses of school notifications:

  • Weather closer/delays. Delivered instantly and always relevant.
  • Newsletter Link. Increase readership of your newsletter.
  • Athletics/Activities. Engage your community with the latest updates.
  • Easy to use. Push notifications have a simple interface, are significantly less intrusive and messy than emails and can be quickly managed and dealt with.
  • Lock-downs. Keep parents in the loop with a school notification that is instantly delivered.
  • Event Reminders. Increase attendance at events.
  • Volunteer. increase volunteer hours and participation.

Are you interested in learning more about school notifications? If so, reach out to our team at BlueTreeApps today. We are happy to work with you to develop a school app that better connects you with your parents.

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